I was dreaming about getting a pastel lavender hair for the summer with a cheaper price. I wanted to test if this would be possible to do in China! Hahahah I was so wrong but the result is not even that bad at the end. We asked many different salons in Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu but their answers were the same. They are not able to bleach the hair that much without damaging it a lot or the price was really high when they saw I was a foreigner so of course I must have lots of money.. nope. At our last destination Chongqing, near our hotel there was a clean and nice looking salon and they said that they can do it. ''We guarantee the quality! By the name of president, we must make our beautiful foreign visitor happy!'' we made appoiment for the next morning.

Overall it took FIVE HOURS to get my hair like this. It is nowhere near of pastel lavender color! They started blonding my hair and they did it five times. Five times I had to climb the stairs up where they washed my hair. No one talked English but Zhou was helping me. That was actually my second time ever in hair salon!! I felt a bit awkward and confused and after two hours I knew these guys fucked up. The hairdresser kept looking his phone all the time and I was thinking that he is just looking the time. The truth was that he had a ''whatsapp'' conversation with 50 other hairdressers around the city and they were talking how to bleach my hair enough!!!! None of them never done it before and that's why so many Chinese girls had orange hair because they have tried to bleach it. Okay soooo.... I saw my yellow hair and then the woman came with purpe hair color. I was just looking her hair which was really dark purple and I was just praying that my hair won't be the same color as hers.
Six times and the last time I walked again up to stairs to wash my hair. I was just laying there while the woman massaged my head and they used a lot of conditioner which was really good! I didn't have to worry that  my hair was ruined after blonding it five times. She started to scrub my scalp because there was lots of purple splats around my scalp looking like I had a desice. Okay they started to blow dry my hair and I was feeling so pissed off when I saw my hair. It was purple/blue/blonde everywhere and huge purple splats around my scalp. They looked my face expression and I just kept poker face so they knew I wasn't happy with the result. My hair was so flat and looked horrible that. I told Ming to tell them that I won't be paying the full price. No way. It took frigging more than five hours and I didn't get anything like I wanted. So I paid just 20€ and walked away ashamed back to the hotel. I was tired and hungry because I didn't eat anything during the day. Ming and Zhou had their own things to do so I told them to go and I stay to wait them into hotel room. I was just looking myself and the hair and started actually smiling. I was like ''hey.. I can make this look way better.. I can rock this look!'' so I simply started teasing my hair and make curls and it looked 100 times better!! I managed to hide some blond hair and I was really happy. This was my first selfie I took to Instagram :)
 So yeah Ming and Zhou also said that now it looks amazing especially under the sun light and now after a month I think it still looks good. It looks better because there is no more blue color on my hair and it looks a bit like pink/purple now. I really like it! I was also afraid that this color will fade away in two weeks but it is still really bright! Everytime I was my hair I see how the water turn into pink color but still it looks good. I think this look suits me kinda well and I want to use other clothes than just black colored which is great! I look more bright and colorful ^_^ I did went back to salon later that evening and apologized. I told I was tired and hungry but now really happy so I paid the full price!

So what do you think? Is this good or should I dye back to brunette ^_^


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  1. I love it!!! Love, love, love, and I'm so glad that when you figured out it was okay that you went back. I bet they felt bad too.


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