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I want my blog to look like me and it is going to change A LOT in next month since I'm going to move to another city to my own apartment where I will actually have time and space to take photos and I have a helping hand there.
       If you have followed my blog pretty much from the beginning you might know that I kinda started by making circle lens reviews. I have been working over two years with great circle lens stores, giveaways and product reviews and it was awesome to help them share their online shop to my lovely followers. Now I'm going to end this and stop doing anymore circle lens reviews in future. I want to be easy to collaborate with and not waste their precious time so that is one of the reasons.. my eyes are way too sensitive nowadays (second reason) that my sponsors always have to wait such a long time for me to publish the reviews and I think it's not fair. I don't want that people who read my reviews and see reddish eyes on the circle lens picture to think that the lenses are bad for your eyes. They are just not suitable for me anymore. Before I was wearing circle lenses everyday ovear a year or so and there was no problem what so ever. Even the eye optician said that sure I can wear those my eyes are just fine but I guess something has happened suddenly. Thirth reason is just my lack of interest to circle lenses. It was annoying that everyone got used to my huge dolly eyes and when I took the lenses off everyone were like (holy crap are you okay?) because the eyes looked so tired and smaller.. many were also thinking that those looks just creepy and not cute what so ever. I don't use those anymore so why I should even make reviews anymore? This is a good time to stop, right? Hope you understand this :)

So here are just couple really basic tips for those who are thinking to purchase their first circle lenses. I recommend you to purchase the lenses online from Asian online shops and not from Finland for example. Korean lenses are thinner and cheaper and I just think that more suitable for everyday and not just for halloween thing. You can check my other circle lens reviews to find some great shops I recommend but first that comes to my mind are / / / and so on (with worldwide shipping).

To make you circle lenses last longer you have to take really good care of those. It also depends how often you are wearing the same circle lenses. If your lens lifespan is said to be 1 year but you wear those pretty often then the lifespan will be just about 6 months if you take care fo those. If not.. then it will be less than that. So what do I mean about taking care of your circle lenses?
         See the picture here? These lenses are no good anymore. If you forgot to change the lens liquid and let the lenses be in the case for a week they start to look like this. Blue lenses did not have any liquid at all so they became just really dry. The brown lenses had just a bit of liquid in the bottom of case and it actually had turned a bit sticky so the lenses are out of its shape. If your lenses starts to look like this.. please throw them away and do not try to save those by adding a new lens liquid into case and let them soak because its just not hygienic anymore. Remember that you are going to stick these into your eyes.
      When you get the new lenses and you take them off the little jars do not put the same liquid that was inside already into the lens case. Put a new one in and let the circle lenses soak there for a few hours before trying them on. I also recommend you to go to see eye optician before purchasing the lenses. They know if your eyes are not suitable for wearing these.

When you take the circle lenses off the cases use the ''pincers'' to lift them on your finger. Remember to make sure that your hands are clean so all the dirt and bacterias won't get to your lens when you stick them to your eyes. Easily pull your upper lid up and under lid down and try not to look at the finger that it coming for your eye hahah~ I know it's hard first but you can do it! I always put the lenses before my makeup so my fingers won't be in foundation and powder etc. and sometimes the eye might be a but watery first so it won't be nice that your eyeliner and mascara gets messy.
Also make sure that the lens is not upside down. If the lens is correctly it should look round like so. You will notice that the lens is upside down if it jumps on your eye when you blink.
       When you remove the circle lenses change the liquid before that. If you are a lazy then do it at least every other day otherwise the lifespan of your circle lenses will be less than one year.

Thank you all for reading my circle lens reviews and I'm sorry if you are dissapointed now. I just hope you understand why I won't be doing anymore circle lens reviews. Okay one less thing to post here but hey there is like five more things to come! ^_^
Huge thanks to all my sponsors for collaborating with me and I keep recommending these companies! If you have a questions about the lenses or anything please kindly leave me a comment or email !


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