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These colored lenses are from www.klenspop.com which I highly recommend for you all if you wonder where to purchase lenses safely even worldwide. New Bio - Pop violet lenses are only 13$ that's really affordable when we talk about this colored lenses and its life span is one year (max). The package includes one pair of lenses and a case.
      Still remember the white-gold/black-blue dress? These lenses are also making you think what color they really are hahah~ the color changes from violet to blue to gray in a different ligh! I don't know if it does it just on my yellowish eyes or does it also with brown/blue eyes. Wouldn't that be a good new lens idea? Lenses that could change color hahah~

Basic info

DIA: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (max)

These were really easy to put on my eyes and it has some enlargement effect. I guess my eyes are just a bit too big to tell a difference if the DIA is not more than 14.5mm ^^'' but usually the dark black thick ring around the lenses makes the eyes appear bigger and roundish so if you are looking for a lenses that has small DIA but you want enlargement, then look for lenses that has dark and thick black ring!

Color/Design 8/10: I think that the design is really pretty and a bit crazy haha~ it makes the eyes kinda hypnotic looking, right? About the color.. it changes a lot in different lighting and I mean more than normally on colored lenses. At one point they were dark violet, bright violet, blue and then gray. I'm like whaaat?? Also I can see my own yellow eyes under the lenses but it actually does not look that bad.

Enlargement 8/10: DIA is only 14.0mm so it enlarges slightly. I'm sure it does more difference in smaller eyes but for me the dark thick ring is the only thing that makes my eyes appear roundish and dolly. So the enlargement is not huge but still something. Good if you are looking for a more ''natural'' size of eyes.

Comfort 9/10: Same as yesterday. Not 100% sure if the lenses are a bit irritating or the allergy does not me fully allow to wear lenses. However I checked others reviews and most people say that these are comfortable so I believe the same. I think my eyes would be really red if these wouldn't be comfortable! I could wear these like 8 hours straight.

Overall: Really pretty lenses but maybe not something I would purchase again. I'm just not a fan of this color maybe. But overall great lenses and if you love the hypnotic design and the bright cameleont color of these lenses then go for it!! I believe that these would looks stunning on blue eyes ^_^ 


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