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I'm going to China in two days so here is going to be bunch of product reviews just before leaving hahah~ I have been super busy because of graduation party, entrance exams and thinking what I have to purchase before going. But today I'm back with a circle lens review that I was suppose to do loooong time ago but my spring allergy did not stop as early as I thought it would. My eyes might still look watering in the pictures but NOTE it is not because of the lenses.

www.klenspop.com kindly sponsored me these pretty lenses! BELMORE - Lizzy Color Brown are 30$ and also available in hazel color. The price includes 1 pair of circle lenses and a bonus case. Many of you might be thinking that it's pricy BUT you have to think the quality and these lenses got a great one. The shipping does not take forever to Europe. Something around 2 to 3 weeks ^_^

Basic Information about these lenses:

Dia: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year (max)
Power: 0.00~5.00 (0.25 step) -5.50~10.00 (0.50 step)
NOTE: there is no power -5.25,-5.75,-6.25,-6.75,-7.25,-7.75,-8.25,-8.75,-9.25,-9.75(Be careful!)

What I really like about these lenses is that you can wear those at school and work. These are so natural especially for brown eyes but not that bad on green eyes either. Also these lenses feels a lot thinner than others which makes them comfortable to wear daily.

Color/Design 9/10: One point off because of color. It is a bit too yellow for me but I think the hazel one would have been more brown. Still I really like how these blends on my own eye color which is greenish-yellowish. Design of these lenses is really natural looking so you could wear these in any occasion! Also the thin dark ring around the lenses gives more natural look.

Enlargement 6/10: It does not enlarge my eyes dramatically but makes those look roundish and dolly. If these lenses would have thicker ring it would give more enlargement effect but I actually like just the round dolly eyes. 

Comfort 9/10: I can't give full points because I am not 100% sure that does my eyes get slightly irritated because of the lenses or the allergy. But I'm kinda sure that it's because of the allergy after I tried the other lenses! You can tell that it has great water content because the lenses are so slimy and hard to but on first hahah~ also the lenses are thinner so they feel comfortable.

Overall: I really recommend you to try these lenses! I could wear these everyday. To my mind these looks adorable and natural ^_^ Great design, color and comfortable! It's all you need from circle lenses. Go and get yours from klenspop.com


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