[Review] Polar Loop Activity tracker/pedometer


Today's review is about the product that I got something after Christmas. I really enjoy this product and wanted to share this for you too. Okay first of all this product is not just for those who does sport. This is for everyone! It's a Polar Loop Activity tracker/pedometer whatever you prefer the best. Here in Finland it costs something around 60-70$ which is pretty affordable to my mind. There is many other color choices where you can pick the best for you and I honestly loved the pink color but I was thinking that black is less noticable. I really like its look because of that. It's not an ugly bracelet so you can wear it all the time like I do.

So you simply download the Polar Flow to your computer, make the setups match yours (weight, height, how active your are daily..) and it will sync all this information right to your bracelet and mobile app where you can sync all the information by using bluetooth.
          The bracelet in the package is big so it comes with a ruler. Measure your wrist with that ruler and it tells you how much you are suppose to CUT OFF this rubber to make it fit your arm. NOTE: if it's too tight and you start to sweat it will be really uncomfortable. Use it on your left arm if you are right handed! First this feels weird but in couple days you get used to it.

My slightly pushing the button you can check your activity bar, time, burned calories and steps. If your activity bar does not fill the bracelet will start to flash ''time, to go, jog'' and if you have been without moving for too long it says ''walk, up'' and records the passivity stamp for you. I hate it hahaha~ so if you are at work where you have to sit a lot it reminds you to walk a little bit.

 It's easy charge and it does takee maximum one hour. Use the USB cable and it starts to charge the battery and sync the data into your computer so the memroy won't run out. You can also use the Polar Flow on your computer, it opens the calendar where it shows how much you have done everyday and you can put there your own workouts you have done.
            You can also sync the Polar Loop's app with iPhone's health app and app called ''Runkeeper'' that I like to use. So if you leave this to charge, it will take the step info from your apple health app!

So this is how the mobile app looks like. Friday 1st May. Daily achievement done 108%, one passivity stamp and under you can see how much I was laying down, how much sitting, walking, standing and running. Well it is not so accurate but still. Then you see the calories you have burned, steps you have taken, activity time and it also records how much you sleep! There is also the weight of course and under it this asks ''how do you feel?'' and you can choose from the scale.

+ affordable
+ looks great
+ long battery
+ easy and quick to charge
+ great app
+ you can sync with Apple health -app
+ you can cut it to fit your arm
+ shows calories, steps, activity time
+ reminds you to walk
+ magnetic charger
+ you can wear it while swimming

- it takes the steps just from your hand movement
- maybe too difficult to use (bluetooth, app, computer..)
- not in Finnish (all does not undestand English)


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