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Today we will be reviewing these BEAUTIFUL green circle lenses that I got from pinkyparadise.com. The color is really charming and especially the design of these lenses. G&G Tulips Green circle lense's price is 23,90$ and PinkyParadise has a worldwide free shipping on orders over 130$ but they have great offers and deals going on all the time so subscribe their newsletter so you won't miss these offers! These lenses are also available in different color such as blue, brown, purple and grey.
         It took me a while to post this review thanks to spring allergy. My eyes are so red and sensitive so I didn't want to use any circle lenses for a while. Today I tried these on and I was surprised. My eyes didn't start watering or feel itchy. That's a huge +++ 
I got this package with DHL and it took only 3 days to arrive. From Asia to Finland that is fast. Usually it takes 2-4 days for packages to arrive even if I order here from Finland hahaha~ The lenses are carefully packaged with bubblewrap and the whole packaging includes 2 circle lenses (1 pair), cute randomly picked lenscase and I also got these 2x hair strips/bang holders whatever you like to call it. I've been using lots of these while putting on make up and circle lenses so these are really useful! especially for those who tries to grow flat bang away
            Take the lenses out the container and fill the lenscase with lens drops. Let them soak there for about 5-8 hours before applying your eyes. This way your eyes won't get irritated to easy. Do not use the same liquid where lenses came.


Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / Plano -0.00 
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case

Color/Design 10/10: These lenses are absolutely beautiful and so unique. These makes my eyes look so charming and kinda reminds me of pixies and other characters from fairytales. The color is dark green which makes the eyes alluring. Talking about the design of these lenses it is just like tulips. First I thought these would look creepy but they are not!

Enlargement 8/10: The enlargement is kinda good! DIA is 14.5mm so it does make eyes appear larger but I think these makes eyes look bigger thanks to design of these lenses.

Comfort 10/10: Usually the big circle lenses are not so comfortable and you can feel those moving on your eyes but these felt like.... nothing. So light and thin that I even forgot I had these on while wiriting this post haha~ 

Overall: I love these I love these I LOOOVE! My favourite thing about these is the design and comfort. I could purchase all colors and especially the blue one. I bet it looks stunning! These lenses are my favourites at this moment. Highly recommending these!! People will definetely see your beautiful eyes ^_^


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  1. your natural eyed are such a beautiful color! ahhh so envious uwu
    thank you for posting a review of these! i'm thinking of getting these in grey, hopefully the grey will show up on dark brown asian eyes hehe


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