First. Please. Ignore this horrible weird looking filter hahaha~ it looked better in small pictures, okay? Also I made a video - which is super glowy - about these if you are lazy to read so just scroll down and check it out. Today the technology didn't co-operate with me.
       Here are my five favourite products/things from April that I used A LOT. All of these except the Lumene primer are ones that I've had like more than a month already but haven't really used. Then I started to try again different products I had and surprised! I have done a review about Dear Klairs cleansing oil which you can go to read from >>here<<

1. Lizzy Egg Soap Pack

There is Step 1 and Step 2 and these steps are actually eggs. Not real eggs. Egg soaps but anyway those looks like real eggs. The packaging is ADORABLE!! Agree? 
Step 1. Is the white egg that removes the blackheads and is cleansing. I don't know how this removes the blackheads but it really does. I mean it's not a scrub??
Step 2. Is the brown one that is pore tightening. Bye bye visible pores and dirt that gathers in there. Both of these are used same way. Just soak those a bit in warm water and rub around your face making it foam.

2. Dear Klairs - Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Yes. Super gentle, moisturizing and removes the mascara also. Check out the whole review from here:

3. Lumene - Beauty Base

I found this accidently from sale box. It was like 4$ only so I was thinking to try it and now it's my absolute favourite primer! It makes your skin look so much brighter, it's really lightweight so it's easy to spread and the little drop is enough for a whole face. You can use it as a base or as it's own or do like I do and mix it with your foundation,

4. Etude House - Face Conditioning

This one is easy to carry around with. Use it before or after make up - I like to do both. It holds and fix the make up and of course whenever your skin feels dull and dry then spray this. It absorbs quickly and has really nice scent which is not too strong.

5. Shower headband

I got this from eBay and it's really adorable. Just tie your hair up before going to shower or swimming and it holds all baby hair up. Your hair won't get wet and this is better option than a shower cap hahah~ There is many other colors available and I'm pretty sure this fits for all.


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