First of all there is 1000 of you beauties in here!! That is a huge number so HUGE thank you ^_^ so we hit 1000 followers in 19 hours which means that one of you lucky giveaway participants will receive mystery beauty box!

All your sweet comments and feedbacks has made my day. You guys are the reason why I keep blogging. However I have been gone so much lately and I satrted to wonder why so. The reason is that I am not a blogger with lots of income so I don't buy that much beauty products that I could review here. I haven't asked lots of collaborations either and it usually takes a month from products to arrive from Asia to Finland. TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!
        I want that this blog looks like mine. Unique. One and only. How can I make that happen? Simply by writing more personal life things but always by pictures. I won't blog boring nonsense here, okay? But I will expand my blog by wiriting about beauty, fashion, hacks/tips, budget friendly shopping, videos, my personal life etc. so there would be more to read for more people ^_^ sounds good?

BUT let's go to see my April haul shall we?

I don't remember all products prices and where did I bought those so sorry about that! I try my best to tell you where to get these so you may purchase yours too. I'm going to China IN 27 DAYS!!!!! And it's going to be HOT in there so I'm hoarding summer clothing while they are still cheap. Also the prices are about. Not exact amount okay?

Floral dress: F21 - ?
Chiffon dress: Nelly - 10$
College shorts: H&M 9$
Floral shorts: F21- 8$
High waist shorts: H&M - 15$
Floral shoes: H&M - 10$
Floral top: F21 - 5$ ?
Polkadot top: H&M - 15$
Print top: Gina Tricot - 10$

Pink wallet case iPhone 5s: eBay - 4$
Diamond wallet case iPhone 5s: eBay - 5$
Rhinestone case iPhone 5s: eBay -3$
Monster Inc. case iPhone 5s: eBay - 2$

GOSH! The self tanning lotion is a huuuuge mistake if you have rash and you go doing some workout........ never again.

Beauty blender: 5$
Bamboo make up brush set: eBay - 4$
Aco self tanning lotion: 10$
Dry brush: eBay - 2$
Contour/highlight set: eBay - 3$

Floral watch: eBay - 2,50$
Rhinestone earrings: eBay - 0,90$
Rose earrings: eBay - 0,90$
3 loose earrings: eBay - 0,90$

A whole mask set was maybe 6$ and I don't remember where I got it. They added 4 extra mask sheets to the package and two nose patches!! I have already used some of these hehe~ On the corner you see Biotin Extra capsel set. 10$ / 60capsels to grow your hair, nails and make your skin better! So far so good!


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