Nature Republic LEMON Peeling Foot Mask // NOTE: nasty foot pictures


First of all these pictures are taken by phone since my camera lens is full of dust so I have troubles getting it off. These pictures looks over exposured and so on but try to ignore it somehow XD

Nature Republic - Lemon foot & nature peeling foot mask gives removes the dead skin and it's like Footner except lot cheaper! I bought Footner peeling socks once and those cost something about 30€. Well these were just 7$ from ebay and worked a loooot better. So do not trust the price. This is why I keep this blog... I try to find cheaper products that works even better.

I somehow managed to delete the before pictures but on the other hand my feet looked horrible. Those were so nasty. Imagine cold Finnish winter and really dry skin. Imagine really really thick and cracked layer of dead skin. Every single winter I get this really thick layer of dead skin on my feet that one time Footner care and strong lotions did absolutely nothing. So XOXOXOX to this treasure here!!

NOTE: If you don't want to see peeling pictures then do not scroll further. Those are not that bad looking but some might get scared a bit more easy than other :'D

So inside the package there is two huge ''socks''. You cut the top and put your feet inside. Socks are filled with the liquid so make sure you don't have any blisters what so ever on your feet because it will stingggg then. I had a blister and it felt horrible! 
Yes the socks are huge so I recommend you to put two other normal socks top of it. Then comes long waiting, just watch a movie or something because you really can't walk with these without looking like you crapped your pants. Wait 1 to 2 hours and remove the socks. Wash your feet and the peeling starts in one week.

After I removed the socks I felt hot and cold waves on my feet. It felt so weird o_o'' first I thought this product did not work but after 6 days my feet looked like this. It started to crack a bit. But in 10th day it looked more nasty......

So this is how my feet looked after 10 days. My socks were filled by dead skincells :x okay it think it was interesting but some might find this really disgusting. Do not pull the peeling skin off. Just let it fall off by itself. If you feet peels like mine.. small areas.. then you can scrub a bit in shower. But just those areas that would come off easily.

Day 11.

Day 14.

Day 16.
This is pretty much when my feet looks normal. I had to scrub my feet to see the final result and my feet feels reeeeally soft. No more thick layer of dead skin!! This product worked so well and I had to use it just once ^_^

Looks great huh? So for me the peeling progress took overall two weeks but I had lots of dead skin. I do not recommend you to do this during summer if you will spend lots of time with sandals or bare feet on the beach hahaha~

So this is cheap and available in eBay and Amazon. Do not buy Footner socks...... those did not work for me but these did obviously. Now I enjoy my baby feet and wait for the summer ^_^


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  1. Wow noi tulokset ! Mulla ei onneks oo päässy noin pahaan kuntoon, ku oon kuorinut ja rasvannut melkeen ympäri talven lokakuusta alkaen :) Mulla on kyllä Memeboxeista tullu kolme kuorintasukkahommelia ja foot maskeja, ajattelin ottaa ne tehokäyttöön lähempänä kesää :)

  2. omg that's amazing!!!! thanks for sharing the pictures too because I can see that this really works!

  3. Hei sinä joka kysyit jennysvoice dubbauksista!!
    Uudet dubbaukset löytyy mun uudelta kanavalta youtubesta: @jennysvoices ja samalla nimellä myös instasta!


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