Impossible became possible!!!


I'm so excited to tell you more what recently happened to me. I guess many of you already knew this -if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter- but I got an invitation to recordings ar SDI Media's studio to Helsinki!! So what does this mean?
SDI Media is a dubbing service and I checked some of their clients like DISNEY, warner bros, pokemon etc. and when I opened an account @jennysvoices to Instagram where I upload videos of myself dubbing with different voices, they contacted me and thinks I have a great talent. I can make the little child voice which is one of the voices they really need in Finland because the real small kids do not have enough time to dub a whole movie. So this is my opportunity!!!

Ever since I was a kid I watched Disney movies _all_the_time and I loved to play outside that I was the Little Mermaid. But I actually played all parts, princess, prince, villain even the animals and I think this all started then already. I played many characters and create all of then their own voices :) not just high pitch and low voices... I made all thei personal voices if you know what I mean. 
So voice acting has been my dream like ridiculously long time. It's cool and awesome and brings me back to my childhood memories. However I never had a courage to pursue this dream just because I afraided that they would say "sorry, no". And that's it.. I could not even dream about it anymore then. We all want to find a job in our life that would not even feel like a job. I didn't even think that I could make money with dubbing before my teacher mentioned it.

So I haven't dub anything YET ... But in two weeks I'm going to record my child voice to their "voice bank" where any customer can choose it. I'm just this happy already that they invited me there. Hahaha the situation actually reminds me of the scene from The Little Mermaid when Ursula wanted Ariel's voice 😂 so I'm the Ariel and studio is Ursula haha just kidding.

But I want to thank my amazing friends and teacher/mentor/God/friend of ours for pushing me to share my voice to others too. And achieve this dream. Like Disney said "all our dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue then"

You find me from Instagram and Youtube by name: @jennysvoices and you can follow my trip to Helsinki by Snapchat: jennysvoice


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