DIY BODY SCRUB // reducing cellulite + smoother skin


Today I'll share you this quick and easy DIY that helps you to get great looking legs for summer. Many of you might think that cellulite won't go away any other way than working out. Well it's kinda true but we must remember that not all our bodies are the same. I know those who has spend hours on gym to get summer shape. They have muscle and they are slimmer BUT the cellulite is still stuck on their butt and thighs. How fustrating is that?
I'm not a gym person so what I mostly do is to go jogging and do some leg excercises at home. Last summer I was so ashamed to wear any shorts. I've always had a bit large thighs but last summer I noticed how the fat had gathered aaaaand hello cellulite =_='' This summer I don't want to shame my legs and yes I do see even skinny people have cellulite.. it's just unfortunately normal for women to have. But I want to reduce mine so I made some research and voila -here is working body scrub for smoother skin and reducing cellulite!!

All you need is olive oil, sugar and used coffee grains. Used coffee grains are softer so it won't scrub your skin too much. You simply pour all these together and mix it. About measurements mmm.. all I could say is that lots of coffee grains if you want to scrub a whole body, just a bit of sugar and olive oil just to cover all this. But the coffee grains are the most important ingredient in this one.
You can also replace sugar with salt and the olive oil with coconut oil or other oils. Be creative!

quality =__= thanks blogger
 So how does it work and does it even work?
I've been doing this scrub 3-4 times a week in these couple weeks. I already see a difference. If you don't workout your legs at all then it takes a loooooot longer to see the results. This scrub is best when you do leg workouts 3-4 times a week also. Together this helps to reduce cellulite a lot faster.
Simply take a shower (this is messy hahah) and start spreading this by circular motions. Keep massaging this couple minutes and move on. Give your booty a massage hahah~ Just remember: do not rub your skin too much, use finger tips and make circular motion. This activates your blood circlulation on certain areas making it work better.
Sugar and coffee grains also scrub the dry and dead skin cells off. Olive oil makes the skin feel smoooooth! So you can also use this on your face whenever it seems flaky.

After massaging your body, rinse all the grains off and I recommend to apply your favourite body moisturiser. Your skin should feel a lot softer, smoother and brighter in first week. Be patient if you do this only to reduce cellulite. The results won't be seen after first shower.

This works for me so do not come to say ''cellulite does not go away any other way than working out'' because  obviusly my body does not seem to work that way. Also I've heard this has helped many others too. This works best when you do excercises AND scrub. Even some athletes have cellulite so don't worry ladies. We all have it. Let's just face it ^^''

Happy showering and let me know if you tried this!


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