[Review] Dolly Brown 14.8mm Circle Lenses


I've been like super busy in these days because ''Penkkarit'' are coming. In Finland last year students of high school will be carried away literally out of school on their last day. Also all last year students must dress up somehow.. they can be anything! I will be showing you my cosplay costume soon ^_^ I'll give you a hint... I'm a Disney character. And another thing that has been keeping me busy is that I've been dubbing videos [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1oSWSxWfP5vMBU7fGI0VeA ] and now I got an invitation to studio to record :)

BUT NOW! Have you heard about www.pastelnoodles.com I guess you haven't yet! They sell circle lenses with pretty affordable price and ship worldwide. The lenses that I got are Dolly Brown 14.8mm and I think they remind me a lot of Bambi Princess Mimi Almond brown lenses but these are more affordable.. ONLY 17,83$!! I think it's really good price for lenses like these.  Also I received these lenses in two weeks so the shipping was fast.

First of all the packaging is really stylish to my mind. Really simple and pretty and look how the lenses are packaged inside. Package also includes the instructions about lenses.. more information and how to take care of those, how to put on eye and remove. However one negative point is that the package does not include the case for lenses! Lucky me I had some extra cases at home. But the way they package lenses there is great if you start to think about shipping. These can't break inside especially when this thing was wrapped into bubble wrap.


Origin : South Korea
Brand : ICK
Diameter : 14.8
Graphic Diameter : 14.2
Base Curve : 8.6
Life Span : Yearly

These are also available without eye prescription. I think the lenses looks exactly the same as in the picture on their website! Big big big plus about that because the look and the color are exactly the same. I've got yellow lenses so many times instead of brown just because website's pictures don't look the same ugh.

Color/Design 8/10: The design is really cute. It's simple but cute! The thick black circle on the lenses makes your eyes look huge and dolly. I won't give full points because it's too dark for my eyes so it does not blend perfectly to my own eyecolor. I'm sure it would look gorgeous on those who has dark brown eyes.

Enlargement 9/10: It does enlarge my eyes but not dramatically. The color makes eyes look bigger than they are but it definetely makes the eyes look cute and dolly don't you think? 

Comfort 10/10: Perfect comfort! I had no problems even though I have really sensitive eyes in these days. I barely felt these on my eyes :)

Overall: Really lovely lenses! Oooh I wish to get these in other colors too ._. they would be perfect. It's been a long time since I've got this good pair of lenses. Really affordable, great comfort, dolly and pretty eyes and most importantly the website's pictures match to real lenses! Let's support this www.pastelnoodles.com  I give them loooots of points ^_^ 


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