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Looking for affordable but really good cosmetics? Well I recommend you to go to check out then! This mascara that I got costs only 5$ >>link here<< and it's awesome! It's soft silicone head mascara (color black) with flawless definition lengthening curly effect. The brush itself is reeeally bendy and it has two sides for both upper and lower lashes. I got coupon code for you dear followers which gives you 10% OFF your purchase: JEPH10 enjoy!

This mascara is waterproof and not messy to use. However it didn't make my lashes curl much but it did lengtheng those a bit. But you have to use lash curler so the lashes won't stick straight ugh. The brush design allows you to do both upper and lower lashes with no problem. I think this mascara is really long lasting and what I mean by that is that I got this more than month ago and I still use it. So it won't dry and run out quickly! The formula is really light and does not take forever to dry so you are good to go!
The price is not bad at all.. really affordable so overall this is an awesome mascara!


+ affordable
+ waterproof
+ long lasting
+ not messy
+ both lower and upper lashes
+ lengthening
+ dries pretty quickly
+ light formula


- not curling the lashes
- the bottle is weak quality (might break by twisting)

You know where to get yours :) and don't forgot to use your 10% off discount code: JEPH10 ^_^


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