Products I regret of buying #2 [skin reaction]


Instead of sharing my favorite products I want to share the four products I do not recommend! Just so you would be aware :) I hate purchasing products which turns out reaaally bad especially if those were not o cheap. I rarely purchase products that I would hate and that's why many of my product reviews get such a high points haha~ Under there is a picture what the second product which came from Memebox did to my face after one time use!! It's a BIG NOPE

1. HairX Smooth Control Leave-in Treatment - Oriflame

It's supposed to make your hair smooth after applying it to damp hair. NOPE. It made my hair dry and imagine dry hair + winter =____='' I think this was something about 15$ which is quit a lot for me because I could bought something much more better.

2. Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing foam

DAFUQ??!! Just let the pictures speak. It's cleansing foam and I tested it and voila ..... my skin was ruined in one minute. It didn't burn at least but it became really really itchy! My skin is sensitive but this was supposed to be for sensitive/normal skin.. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

3. Moisturising Day Cream - Oriflame

It is not moisturizing at all. It irritates my skin. Makes it red and burning feeling but it was on sale just 5$. I think I will not purchase any moisturizing creams that has this cheap prize =__= especially from Oriflame.. Only one good thing is that it smells like peaches.

4. Babylips - Maybelline

3,50€ from one of this. I guess most of you know these lip balms and I seriously hate these. I blogged about these year ago when I didn't have dry lips but now when I purchased these because I had dry lips.... they made those even more dry! Like... really dry. My lips were bleeding and the skin fall off and those looked horrible. Now I bought 1€ lip balm and it worked like a dream compared to these.
These just looks and smells good.. nothing else.


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