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I know Halloween is over hahah~ but this box might have something interesting inside so I'm sharing this for you.  This box is kindly sponsored by and this box is shipped globally. At the moment this full box is just 23$ so if there is any interesting products crab yours ^_^ Superbox #59 Halloween special and get 5$ OFF your puchase by using code: CQCBI8!

1. LALANC - Real Tattoo 5$

Easy to apply, long-lasting, waterproof and actually look like real tattoos. Cut out the design you like, peel it off and stick it over your face or wherever your wish. Use your hands to press onto it for 20~30 seconds before removal. Finish off by patting over the tattoo sticker with a powder puff.

2. REVECEN - Face Control Foundation 22$

This unique face control foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and control dull, yellow skin tone for a more refind, evenly balanced and healthier looking complexion. BUT for Halloween the white color is just perfect. I personally could use this on my eyes to create dolly look.

3. REVECEN - Supra Lining Color Purple 30$

Real face & body paint and its color formation, gentle formula and lasting strength is highly acknowledge and well-loved Korean beauty explorers who enjoy with different items for creating various eye, lip and facial makeup looks.

4. REVECEN - Cake Eye Liner Black 8$

A hard-type powder formula which can be used as an eye shadow, but when mixed with a little bit of water, it turns into a gel-type eyeliner! With this you may create easily sexy smokey eyes or make it gel eyeliner, handy.

5. REVECEN - Liquid Lipstick Blood 16$

Ugh this seriously looks like blood....... when you apply it to your lips it easily sticks onto your teeths and it looks like you are not okay. ''Did you lost your tooth or something?'' ''Naah it's just lipstick''. But there is no need to purchase a bottle of fake blood when you can use this. You may also create fake scars with this!

6. REVECEN - Eye lash 6$

These looks really pretty and comes with glue. However the glue does not stick and the lashes either. They don't feel good on eyes. Not recommendable.

7. Elizavecca - Lip Tattoo 14$

Ever thought of getting a tattoo on your lips? Completely waterproof and lasting for more than 8 hours without any smudges whatsoever. Make sure your lip is oil-free before application. Cut the tattoo patch to fit the size of your upper and lower lip. Adhere the tattoo patch onto your lip and use a wet cotton or a tissue to press it down. For removing the tattoo patch, use a cleansing oil to gently rub it away.


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