Here is the double review which is sponsored by klenspop.com !! Gosh I just broke my camera flash and I could not take any pictures because it's dark almost 24/7 and as you can see in these pictures they are slightly blue/grayish even though I am changing the white balance hngh.. I seriously need a new camera haha~ OOOOKAY but let's get started.

The first pair - or should I say 5 pairs of lenses are the Illuminate Rich Brown which are just 8$! Package includes 10pcs (5 pairs) and these are daily disposable lenses. So these are great if you are not using lenses every single day. I think these are reeeally affordable! The power is from -0.00 to -8.00 so if you are using normal contact lenses but want to change the color of your eyes -try these!

Lens Info
Brand:  CIBA Vision
Diameter: 13.8mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Duration: Daily disposable

Color/Design 5/10: The design is not so unique or anything. It's just brown color but I understand that because these are daily lenses. And actually these are great for just those who has brown eyes or green like mine. There is just brown thin ring so I really can't give much points. BUT if you want natural looking lenses, these are perfect.

Enlargement 3/10: It does not enlarge my eyes.. actually these felt a bit small?? They didn't cover my whole eye color from inside either outside but the reason why I'm giving 3 points is that the dark brown ring makes them appear more roundish.

Comfort 10/10: Perfect comfort! I could barely feel these on my eyes. Great for long time usage.

Overall: Not the lenses for me since I am not using daily disposable lenses. But great for those who does want to change their eye color a bit and rarely use lenses. There is one more problem... I had difficulties to get these off my eye!! These didn't get off same way as 1 year disposable circle lenses so I give minus points from that.

Okay and the next pair of lenses. Well these were more my taste haha~ klenspop.com got these lenses in two colors, brown and gray so go ahead and check ^_^ In the picture of their website the lenses looks more yellowish but in real life these are dark brown. The price of these lenses is just 13$ which is not bad at all! Notice: One year disposable~ 

Diameter: 14.1mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.7mm
Base Curve: 8.5
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year

As you can see if you compare to store's picture these looks prettier in real life ^_^ darker and the design is looking great!

Color/Design 8/10: I like the color and the design a lot. However if I would had to purchase these lenses based on their picture on shop I wouldn't have purchase these. But in real life the color and design looks great don't you think? The design helps the own eye color blend well with lense's color

Enlargement 8/10: It does not enlarge so much because the DIA is just 14mm but the dark ring makes eyes appear more dolly. The effect is not dramatic but still noticable!

Comfort 9/10: I could barely feel these on my eyes. After 8 hours they started to feel a bit dry but I simply used just eye drops (my eyes are sensitive in these days) and I was good to go again!

Overall: I like the design and the color so much that I could purchase these again. Especially when the enlargement effect is not creepy huge but still noticeable. I think these looks lovely!! Get yours now because these are super affordable :)


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