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Another unboxing is here yay!! This time I will be sharing you the Superbox #48 daily dose of beauty which is kindly sponsored by lovely http://us.memebox.com ^_^ Daily dose of beauty is a themed box that comes with only full-sized products carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products. This gives you a little more sass and spice into each day of your week. Everyone needs something beautiful everyday.

Makeup Monday: Beat Monday Morning Blues!
Treatment Tuesday: Give yourself the ultimate skin pampering session that is fit for a queen!
Weird Wednesdays: Surprise yourself with crazy beauty who-know-whats!
Threapy Thursday: Give yourself a therapeutic relaxation session!
Funky Friday: Glam up and let loose!
Wrinkle-free Weekends: De-stress and erase the years off your face!

1. Yu Choo By Me - Steam Silk Hair Pack 9$

Effective hair steam treatments can be expensive, but fret not because Memebox has got you covered. This Steam Silk Hair pack containts argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil!! After towel-drying your hair, wear the steam hair pack like a hat, making sure to tuck in all loose strands using the fastening sticker included. Gently massage with your hands and let it rest for 10~15 minutes before rinsing off.

2. Sally's box - Delight Hydrogel Mask 3ea 13$

YAY! This is for all the lipgloss junkies! Infused with Propolis, honey and jojoba seed oil, this liploss moisturizes and hydrates chapped lips for a smoother kisser, while bringing a natural flush of a color for a healthy glow. It is necessity for you office ladies that work in a dry office environment, because chapped lips are never office appropriated!
Wear alone for an ultra-reflective, high-shine finish without stickness or apply over or under your favorite lip products.

3. ProYou - S Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule 96$

free from paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance and triethanol, while packed with various wrinkle care components such as adenosine, EGF and peptide complex. This ampoule delivers deep nutrition, improves skin elasticity and firmness, treats signs of fine lines & wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin by controlling the skin's moisture/oil balance.

4. Eglips - JolieBeBe Lip Treatment 8$

This smells soooo good! Just apply it over your lip whenever it feels dry. Enriched with shea butter, refreshing lime scent and moisture rich aloe vera complex. Instant hydration and nutrition to your dry, chapped lips.

5. Cheek Room - Eye Shadow Gold 8$

Soft, amazingly velvety texture, rich pastel color and long-lasting and crease-free wear. It also boosts high levels of adherence and blendability for featuring most naturally blended and non-smudging color radiance that lasts all day long. 

6. Croquis - Bulgeum Lipstick

With this unique lipstick, there is no need for multiple lip products anymore. Lip essence, lipstick, lip tint and lip gloss come together in a single lipstick hahah~ it offers long-lasting, glossy and vivid color all the same time. And this is actually funny to use... just twist the end and the lipstick comes out the tube.

7. Grinif - Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil 36$

I reeeally like the packaging and the name rawganic hahah~ refers non-processed, purely natural ingredient so thumbs up! Contains over 98% of pure, organic jojoba oil and works to deliver intense hydration and nutrition to extremely dry skin types.
Mix in the oil with facial cream, a BB cream, a body lotion or a hair essence. It can aslo be used for an oil massage: Massage oil onto your face, moving from inner towards outer contours of your face.

8. D'ran - Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Serum 43$

Deliver moisture and nutrition by absorbing quickly and deeply into the skin. When used after emulsion application, it'll leave your skin shining with a natural, supple glow.

So overall I think this box is a jackpot ;) I really really love it! My mom also loves it hahah~ she got the anti-wrinkle ampoule ^^'' thank you Memebox for making everyone super duper happy and pretty XOXO

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November $5 coupon code on $30 or more: 1R1Q6S
When you spend more than $100 you get automatically 5% discount... if you spend $150 you'll get 10% off ^_^


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