[Review] IdeeB Goodbye Oil Pact!


Are struggling with oily skin? I have an oily t-zone especially on summer and I want something to cover it but still be light on skin. However now it's winter time in Finland so my skin is getting more dry but t-zone needs help. IdeeB - Goodbye Oil Pact is my saviour! It's not good for summer time because it's totally pale but it's actually pretty easy to cover with darker powder :) I got mine from memebox.com with just 12$ ^_^ not bad, huh?

``This shine-stopping translucent pressed powder blots oil and keeps shine at bay. The lavender shade applies invisibly and works on every skintone. Try it on naked skin or over foundation or for touch ups any time throughout the day because the formula contains super lightweight, oil-absorbing ingredients to get you shine-free results´´

Sorry that I could not get pictures about oily face before and after but atm. I didn't have problem with it so I hope you trust on my words ^^'' I've been using this pretty long time so I highly recommend it for all with oily skin! Pat the translucent powder into the face with powder puff. Use anytime throughout the day to instantly mattify the face. 


+ affordable
+ light texture
+ mattify result
+ simple, travel friendly package


- really pale (not a big problem, easy to hide)

Get yours now and don't forgot to use coupon code to get 5$ off your purchase.
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