September Haul!


I decided to share my September haul but I think that here is not all that I purchased on that month. Well all products haven't arrived yet but I will share those end of this month ^_^ however it's new season -Autumn and it was time to buy some new clothes. Something a bit warmer so I shopped at and H&M stores. I'm a bit sad about couple SheInside clothings that I received (two shirts are missing from pics) which were a bit tight on from my shoulders and on bust area. Also couple shirt's material/color were not like in pictures. It's difficult to return anything from here back to there so I decided to keep those are my weight loss motivation clothes. But it was a but waste of money :(

 I got all kinds of other cool stuffs also ^_^ My favorites are the phone case- love it, Color my Brows brush and the floral kimono. Well I actually like the brown long wig also and I will take some pictures soon! All these were on sale products so I kinda saved lots of money ;) remember to google ''coupon codes'' haha and you might get surprised a lot.
On this weekend I'm going to share Memebox so stay tuned and as you can see I have stuff for review ^_^


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