[Review] Review Brown & Choco Brown 14.2mm


This lens review is kindly sponsored by www.klenspop.com ^_^ Their store offers Color Contact lenses and circle lenses + they ship worldwide! Today I'm doing double review of these REVIEW lenses: Brown & Choco Brown. The package included DL Plus lens drops and case for the lenses all safely in bubble wrap. DIA is 14.2mm and first I though these would not enlarge my eyes a lot but hey.. they proved me wrong.

I apologize that the pictures does not have the same quality as usually.. days are getting darker here in Finland so my amateur canon camera is struggling with this :( please forgive me.
Let's start with Choco Brown.. so these looks really basic lenses. I mean really natural looking and they blends well on my eyes. The darker edge on lenses creates roundish bigger eyes however not huge dolly eyes. I would consider these as everyday circle lenses :) to wear in school.. work and so on because it does not gather too much attention.

Color/Design 8/10: The design is really simple and blends nicely on my eyes. I would recommend these for those who has brown eyes already but wants a bit larger eyes. These are not so noticeable so that's why these would be great for everyday look. 

Enlargement 8/10: It does enlarge your eyes a bit. Or more like making those look roundish.. giving more shape. The DIA is 14.2mm so that's why these are not making the huge dolly eye effect.

Comfort 9/10: These are comfortable BUT when you look up the lens feels like its falling down. It's not staying so good so that's why it loses 1 point. But this didn't bother so much.. and yes I did check if I putted it upside down haha~

Overall: Great great great lenses for school or work! Gives your eyes a nice roundish shape. Also the color is really natural looking and the design makes it blend well. I would recommend these for those whose eyes are already brown just to highlight those more ^_^ look even cuter!

And the next one is the color brown! It's a bit awkward to notice that the other lens is upside down but hey now you see how it looks like from the other side hahah~ I really like how much more enlarging these lenses are even it has the same DIA as the previous lenses. It's because of the darker edge and the design. I think the design is cool but still simple. As you can see from the flashlight pic.. it does blend nicely on my eyes so I don't have to bother my mind if the eyes looks weird in sun (if it someday will appear again lol)

Color/Design 8/10: The design is cool.. but I'm not so into it. I think it's too thin you know. But I like the color mix with yellowish brown and brown color which makes it blend so well on my eye color. The dark edge makes eyes appear larger!

Enlargement 9/10: It enlarges eyes more than the previous one.. both DIA are 14.2mm but because this one has the darker circle edge it makes eyes look more roundish and close to dolly look. I think that the design of these lenses creates it too.

Comfort 9/10: I'm gonna say the same thing about these lenses as the previous one. These are comfortable BUT when you look up the lens feels like its falling down. It's not staying so good so that's why it loses 1 point. But this didn't bother so much.

Overall: Well these are also great circle lenses. I think I haven't received any bad circle lenses from klenspop.com haha~ Comfrot + design + enlargement makes me saying: highly recommendable!


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