My favorite lip product - lip manicure 30 seconds // +video


This kip product is ridiculous to my mind. I mean... it's like a tattoo haha~ It's super long lasting and it has a great color options. I got this from  and guess what.. it's only 12$!!!! Don't forgot to use 5$ OFF code: CQ67EK psst.... just couple days left to use this code ^_^ Lip Manicure 30 Seconds looks like a lipgloss but it is not. I will definitely purchase couple more of these!

Simply spread it over your lips like a lipstick/gloss but don't close your mouth for 30~60 seconds. When I took the video I let it dry just about 20 seconds. The color looks amazing and I wonder how gorgeous the red color would look like!!
I love how simple this is and it's super affordable. I was amazed.. I mean the package is not my type, especially the font of it. I was thinking ''well this can't be quality product'' but I was so so so wrong ^^'' you can simply shape your lips to look bigger and the color will stay on your lips like a tattoo.

So I made the paper test. After 30 seconds I pressed my lips against paper... it left pretty much nothing on white paper. Just sliiightly some pink color but hey 10/10. I think this is waterproof hahah because it was so hard to wash off with just water. I was rubbing and rubbing my lips with tootbrush and towel and it came off somehow. You can eat and drink without re-doing your lips.

I made short video about this.. made the paper test also just to show how great this product is. I wish I would figured out before editing to show what happens if you drink or eat something too whops.. maybe I do a vlog and show you there haha~ But overall: amazing color, easy to apply, super long-lasting, not dry, super affordable! However there is two negative things also: long-lasting... because it's hard to wash off and it does not moisture your lips so I recommend to add lip balm or gloss over it :)


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