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I'M BACK!! My finals are finally over so instead of studying I'm back with blogging. There's going to be reviews, tutorials, huge haul and a lot more so thanks for you patient. I think I promised a giveaway am I right? ;)

I'm starting my comeback with circle lens review which I haven't done for a while. Thank you klenspop.com  for sponsoring this post! ^_^ their shipping to Finland took just about 2-3 weeks and the lenses that I will review are: RARA Brown 14.5mm which cost only 16$ !!
They kindly sent me DL Plus lens drops and cute case for lenses. Klenspop is offering different types of circle/contact lenses for really affordable price but also cool sunglasses.

What I mostly like about these lenses is its design and how well the color blends on my eyes. It has great enlargement effect and definetely best comfort ever. The design of these lenses is really pretty and there is different shades of brown color. My natural eye color is green/yellow as you can see so it blends perfectly! I could definitely wear these everyday and anywhere ^_^ I bet these would look great with brown eyes too! I love how dolly these makes my eyes to appear, really alluring. Perfect for this fall look.

So these cost only 16$ one pair and it has one year life span. If you use these everyday.. then it would be probably 6 months. 14.5mm DIA makes eyes look dolly and bigger but also the darker edge of lenses. These are available with powers and without but not with other colors.

Color/Design 10/10: Well I love it! The star print and the color blends perfectly to my eyes and makes those look big and sweet. To my mind the color is also nearly natural looking. It looks great on daylight, flashlight and indoor light  but best is that it looks good on pictures, right? kekekek~ I also think that the design is really cool

Enlargement 10/10: DIA 14.5mm does enlarge eyes but not too much so you won't look like a freak. Instead of it you look sweet and dolly ^_^ sometimes it's hard to put lenses with big DIA on your eyes so that's why also full points!

Comfort 10/10: Best_comfort_ever!! Not irritation, dryness, itchy what so ever. It feels like I'm not having lenses on and I could also rub my eyes with no problem. These feels so light and hydrated. It's really important to have lenses that does not damage your eyes and hurt! If there is any redness etc. stop using lenses and get these instead hah~

Overall: So... these lenses are perfection to my mind. I like the color and design and EVERYTHING! I wish there would be other color options too.. it would be cool to try these with green color ;) or blue... or gray... the point is that I would purchase all. Price + quality is 10/10 ^_^ highly recommendable!!

how it looks like indoor light + camera phone


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