Wedding day as a guest!


So here is the one reason why I haven't been online. My aunt Riikka got married yesterday and I've been busy with all their wedding decorations (graphic design stuff). This was actually my first time ever at someone's weddings but I've been watching those a lot on tv like BRIDEZILLA hahahah~

So here are the pictures of the wedding day. Riikka was so pretty bride and I was just holding my cry when I saw her walking with mt grandpa. They didn't want organs at church so there was a lady playing violin and I think it sounded a lot prettier.
Also after ceremony guests usually throw rice etc. when the couple leaves the church but we blowed soap bubbles ^_^ it looked so pretty!

All pictures © Jenny Pitk√§nen

husband's brother keeping a speach

my lovely grandparents!

wedding dance

On the end everyone wrote something to heart-shaped notepads and tied those on balloons. On evening everyone released their balloons into sky :)


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