[Review] 3 Concept Eyes lipstick #408 Pink Jam


I have tiny lips and I have a problem with lipsticks because of it. It feels pointless to use lipsticks but on the other hand I can re-shape my lips to look a bit bigger. Now I've started to wear more lipstick and I like to try different colors. My current favorites are sweet pretty pink and really red color! It puts some attitude on your look ;) don't afraid to wear it ... you should afraid more about that you can't leave house without it haha~

Here is the 3 Concept Eyes lipstick which color is Pink Jam! I've noticed many bloggers saying how they love this lipstick and I wanted to try it. There is so many color option that it was hard to pick just one.... but I told myself to try out first just one and if I like this I will purchase THEM ALL BWAHAHA .. or just two.

What I want to say is that it really is the same color as in pictures to my mind. Well of course depends what pics you are looking at but I mean the real AD pics at online shop's sites. Because my skin is tanned I was thinking to try this kind of a bit darker pink. It looks kinda horrible if I would put some light pink lipstick haha~ really fake looking

It has a bit of sparkle in it and I like it because it looks a bit glossy and not dry. Actually this texture is kinda watery and that's why it won't stay so long as you would hope but it's not a big problem with this pigment because you have to add just a bit more to fix it and you're good to go.
I started to think does it smell like anything... it smells like every other lipsticks hahah~ if you know what I mean. no rose or vanilla what so ever.


+ affordable
+ good color options
+ really pigmented
+ not dry
+ basic scent
+ sparkly ^_^
+ not messy


- does not stay long T^T

I try to blog as much as possible now but maybe in couple weeks I have to keep a break with blogging. My finals are in next month so at once in my life I want to study hard haha ^^'' also I'm setting a milestone to reach... break 1000 followers in one year.


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