5 makeup product - challenge!


No one challenged me hahah~ but I decided to make this and it turned out to be too simple. I mean... 5 makeup product is what I usually use sometimes a bit more if I go somewhere. SO I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO 3 MAKEUP PRODUCT BWAHAHA! >:)
This could also be ''my daily makeup routine'' post but I sometimes like to use eyeshadow and blush and different lipstick and so on you know.

Here is my face without makeup produuuuucts on.... and the idea is to simply choose 5 different products to create full look. Now that I'm thinking I should picked red lipstick T^T

Products that I was using on this challenge:

BB cream: Lioele - Beyond BB cream
Eyeliner by. Rimmel

[click to see the reviews]

And this is the result :) what you think? I'm happy that I don't have to worry about doing my eyebrows ^^'' they are already so dark that I only have to shape those with tweezers(?) but I'm used to use blush and that's why my face looks so ....... dunno not-complete hahah~
If you are going to do this challenge please leave your blog URL ^_^ byyee xoxox


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