Tiny Tea Tox [14 days] RESULTS


I'm back with blogging. My loving Zhou went to army yesterday and before that I wanted to focus to be with him but also make a change on my lifestyle and start losing weight. Here you can read the post that I wrote about starting Tiny Tea tox http://yejenny.blogspot.fi/2014/06/tiny-tea-teatox-14-days-yourteacom.html. And now it's time to show you the results!

You may choose your country and for me I had to pick Europe and the shipping took ONLY 4 DAYS! 14 days set is 25€ + 7€ shipping but there is discount codes all the time so mine was total 26€ with shipping.

Why did I purchase this.. I've seen so many recommending this tea for example those who has a little bloating. My stomach is bloating every time after meal but also because of bcp and so on. I'm fighting to get rid of this belly when it seems like just exercise does not help. This is really common thing for women. Many are raving about how much energy this tea has gave to them and how their skin feels better.

This tea does not make you to need like going to bathroom all the time.. not laxative or anything. It just helps your digestive system to work more normally after meals. So how do you drink this? It's recommended for empty stomach so drink one bag of tea 30min. before eating or just sip it whenever you feel like. So three times daily 30min. before or after eating. Let it be in boiling water something around 5-7 min. before drinking and yes you need to consume it when it's warm.


HAPPYYY!  And this is the difference after 14 days of drinking this tea. My bloating is nearly gone but this tea worked best with workout. I recommend you to download these two apps: Brazilian Butt & Amazing Abs by. Beneficial app. I think my stomach works better now and it look more normal size. I'm so going to keep going and re-purchase this one later on :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT yourtea.com

Happy me! Have you tried this tea? Tell me your experiences about it :)


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