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I decided to share you my 4 current favorite facial skincare products. I've never had problem with pores, blackheads or even got acne BUT my face is always red and I have huge dark circles under my eyes that I simply just can't cover even with million layers of makeup! If you wonder why you are having panda eyes even when you sleep well.. it's simply because of veins. You eye area's skin is so thin so veins makes your eyes look tired unfortunately. I have no idea is there any cure for it without surgery or laser etc. but you can just try to cover it with makeup but also by massaging your eyes gently with finger tips, you are able to prevent blood circulation on that area.
Well same thing about why my skin is so red on my face.. my veins on my cheeks are really near of my thin skin but also I have sensitive atopic skin. It's embarrassing sometimes when I just have to exercise a bit, or there's warm day or I just get a bit pressure on my head (for example bending to tie your shoe laces..) my face is red as a tomato but I can't so anything about it except cover it with makeup.
There's one more thing... my skin color on my face is not even. I have areas that are white and other part is tanned. So this is the problem on summer.. around my mouth it's white and other area tanned nicely.

I found these four products helpful for all of these problems that I have (except the dark circles I already told you a tip for it haha~)

1. Garnier - Pure Active Intensive Exfoliator

If you have blackheads and dirt gathered your pores this is a quick help for it. It's really affordable and long lasting since you only have to use it maybe twice a week or whenever you feel you need it. Just squeeze the bottle and foamy liquid comes out of bottle to brush. Simply use it by moving it around your face scrubbing gently with circular motion.

2. Garnier - Nordic Moisturizer [dry, very dry skin]

This has helped me to get rid of dry skin. I love it so much.. smells good, absorbs quickly and leaves soft moisturized feeling! I use it every morning after washing my face and same every evening - twice a day! Try to add moisturizer to your daily routine :)

3. Recipe By Nature Slowganic Cleanse Sampler

I just wrote a review about this product which you can read here. It exfoliates my skin, makes it feel soft and smooth but also helped for a while to get rid of redness. It's like a marshmallowww!

4. Bio-Oil

This product actually helps to lighten pregnancy scars but also corrects your skin tone. Use it twice a day gently massaging to your face and scars if you have any. You should use it for three months to get the best results. It was only 10€ so I think it's affordable. It makes my skin look more even and should help to get rid of redness ^_^


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