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This blog post is mostly information for Finnish followers since this webstore is located in Finland. CoolStuff provides the most funniest, coolest and inventive products that are not available in normal shops. They call themselves as ''product heaven'' and they are looking for more products into their shop all the time.
Most of these products are seen in Asian and USA stores and it's annoying to purchase overseas because of shipping cost, long shipping and sometimes there comes custom costs. If you have some products that you would love to order in Finland just make them a suggestions by contacting them ^_^

I mean c'mon they have so many cool stuffs in there that you must check it out haha~ some of these products are just so crazy that you must get it! But they also have products that makes everything in daily life just super easy haha~ There is just every kind of products for every kind of usage - I love it. This store has earned its name - they offer only COOL STUFF.

CoolStuff sent me this 2D shoulder bag to blog about and I have only seen these in Asian online shops. I think this is cool haha even it is a bit childish but so what? My brother loved it haha~ This one is 19,90€ and it's available in three colors. There is also a backpack and laptop bag. I wish there would be more color options like light pink and white ^_^ or some cool colors like red + black or yellow + black combinations.

Here's the closer pick about this bag. It looks like a thick bag but actually it's completely flat. However there fits books, wallet, phone etc. because it has zipper on bottom that makes it a bit larger. It has two big pockets and one small behind the bag. Pockets has no zipper which would be better to keep everything inside. To my mind bag looks cool but I won't probably use it in public. However it's great size and easy to carry with and I'm sure that young kids would love to have something like this when school starts again ;)

 Thank you for sending this product for me and thank you for keeping this amazing online shop in Finland. Happy to share this for my lovely followers :)!


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