Recipe By Nature Slowganic Cleanse Sampler - love it!


I have been making a travelling app for my home state and it has been eating my time nowadays but I'm blogging when I'm able to ^_^ thanks for being so patient.. and remember to join my giveaway!

So I got this Recipe By Nature Slowganic Cleanse Sampler with memebox nro.7 and now I decided to tell shortly about it. I have read lots of good reviews about these products so I was excited to try these out. First I had no idea what these were (korean language) but they looked funny - like a marshmallows! Turns out that these are like a mask and it does exfoliate, brighten and makes your skin shiny/glowy/dewy whatever it is called.

It's so cute and I just wanted to squeeze it!! After blending it, it was creamy and like a porridge. This one is the green tea and err... I didn't like the smell of it and even after washing face I can smell it. However this was fun haha~ except it made my fingers really really sticky but it was easy to wash off.
So I covered my whole face except eye area (don't let it go near your eyes - causes some redness) and leave it for couple minutes. It won't really dry much maybe if you leave it for half an hour.

black dots were same as in facial scrubs!

I'm reeeeeally happy about the result! Used just this one time and my skin looks perfect *0*! I only add a bean size of moisturizer and covered dark circles on my face as I usually do and WAAH I love it!!! It looks like I have used some highlight or something (of course light and camera affects to it also). I highly recommend these :)! there is bigger jars of this available but those are a but pricy. Something about 20~40$ depends where you get it.

My skin looks bright, feels super smooth especially if you add powder a bit after and even my horrible redness is gone. Don't know how long this is going to be but lucky me I have two of these left ^_^


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