Graduating from high school


In Finland we don't have the blue graduation hats like in America or some countries in Asia. We have this white sailor captain looking white hat haha~ and next year I get it too ^^
But now my lovely boyfriend Yizhou has graduated from high school with great grades and now it's his time to decide to take a new step on his life.
Well no hurry to move out yet since in Finland guys goes to army and so does he in next month. I think it's great for us since I have one extra year of school so he will be in army half of that time, then go to job or try to get to University. So we both will be moving out this little town to capital town of Finland, Helsinki at the same time. No distance relationship *yay*
However it's so stressful time now since we both don't exactly know what we want from future, where we move and so on. Plans are Helsinki or Turku but the hardest part of it is that I'm on media industry so the level of skills might not be high enough to get to Helsinki where he wants to go. But time will show us what to happen and everything has a meaning in life.

I wish all good for my ''one boat'' who goes to sail new seas ^_^ will the future be open for both of us and make it great together xoxoxo congratulations!


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