Dull to doll!


Here's more based on pictures tutorial about how to make Dull to Doll. I love to play with makeup and really see the differences. You can cover your imperfections and play a bit with your face. Bring out more what you like about on your face for instance lips and eyes and it's weird how much eyebrows can change your look!

I started by adding a moisturizer, then makeup base and foundation. Cover your dark circles as well as possible. Mine does not disappear ever but they are less noticeable with makeup. I used a bit light color for this tutorial just to make it look more dolly.

I added basic powder just to make the foundation last longer. I added darker powder (or use sun powder) to my cheekbones and slightly blush top of it. This makes your face appear slimmer. At this point you may do the highlighting. 

Ugh I failed a bit with this eyeshadow but you see with number what to do. 1. goes over a whole eye lid, 2. just half of eyelid and with 3. you make the shadowing. After this you may add white color to your eye corners and under lid to make eyes appear bigger.  

Then add eyeliner and eyelashes. I wish I would have under falsies since they would make your eyes look huge. However circle lenses helps on this situation and I'm using i.Fairy Keizen Violet lenses :) AND VOILA WE'RE DONE! .. just add the wig if you have haha~


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