3D Print Makeup!


Have you heard about this gorgeous Grace Choi who invented how to 3D print makeup from any home computer? I actually saw a dream about one machine that would include aaaaall makeup you need in just one and all suddenly I got this link next morning about harvard woman who figured out how to do it!
3D printers are amazing right now. It can even build a house, fake arm for arm less kid and with it there's even working human heart! So there is so many ways how to use this product.

This printer would be available for everyone and it costs 300$. It's kinda affordable since it creates foundations, powders, eyeshadows and everything so it would pay back to you sooner or later. I think it looks really pretty and simple printer that everyone are able to use.

 So how does it work? You simply just pick the hex color code that you want to get. Put it into photoshop and print it. Simple as that. You can choose for instance creamy lipstick or powder eyeshadow.

And this is how it looks like. Printing seriously was as fast as printing paper. I will purchase this someday I'm sure about it. But I believe that purchasing new zips will cost a lot... but how cool it would be just to look the color you want and print it than run around town trying to search right color of lipstick and foundation.

Here is the demo and more detailed presentation about this product that I recommend you to watch. As an entrepreneur I'm interested to watch these how young people are creating something huge! And this is one of those huge and potential ideas :)

what do you think about this???


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