[Review] Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++


Now I finished my website (jennypitkanen.fi) which was one of the school tasks and I have time for blogging again!!
Today's review is Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill mineral powder sun protection. I got mine from memebox.com and it's 46$ and to my mind it's ridiculous price about this. I will be telling you why so.

'Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill is a mineral powder sun protector, which provides SPF42 PA++ protection. It contains 10 organic, 100% natural minerals that are even suitable for a sensitive skin! The main benefit of being oil free, and chemical free product allows everyone in the family to enjoy the 100% natural mineral sun powder!''

First of all 40$ about powder is really pricy.. since I'm the low budget shopper. And worse is that the quality sucks to my mind. This might be perfect for those whose skin is pale as snow.
For me this pacs to dry patches on my face, way too pale, does not set smoothly. There is just one thing that I like and it was that i made my cheeks feel so so soft.

It does not stay a whole day and it should be good for sunny days since it has high sun protection but everyone tans during summer so this won't be suitable choice.

+ smooth skin
+ sponge

- pricy
- not long lasting
- too pale
- no coverage (without looking like a ghost)
- does not blend smoothly


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  1. I think you got ripped off. It sells for around $12-15 everywhere else.

  2. Can I ask about it expiration date? Or is it like other make up that has 2 years to consume after opening?

    I hope you will reply����


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