[Review] i.Fairy Keizen Violet Lens 16.2mm


Back to circle lens review and these lenses are kindly sponsored by lovely lensvillage.com. I purchased my first circle lenses from their shop about two years ago and it's still my favorite since their shipping is free, lots of different lenses, cute website and great service. They offer also great deals for clients and the lenses are really affordable!
i.Fairy Keizen Violet Lenses are only 22$ from one pair (2 lenses) and those lasts for one year. I've never tried violet lenses before and not bigger than 15.0mm so I was sooooo excited to try these! I didn't disappoint at all. I always prefer natural looking lenses and those that gives pretty dolly enlargement to your eyes. These totally did it!

The color is not as bright as on pictures on their website but I'm sure that your own eye color affects a lot to it. These would look really vibrant on those who has naturally blue eyes. For me these looks more brownish because I have green eyes but it blends well which makes the color look more natural. It's weird to say that violet color can look natural hahah~
Because it has no dark black ring it does not make your eyes look overly huge and non-natural. It's mixed of black and brown colors and inside area is brown/yellowish which makes it blend smoothly to your own eye color.

Here you may see the difference! It enlarges nicely and makes your eyes look round like dolls has. Here you may see the color too.. how the middle part blends :)

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 16.2mm
BC : 8.6mm 
Water Content : 55%
Manufacturer : Vassen

Color/Design 9/10: The color is really vibrant on sunlight and looks really pretty! On the picture after this one you see it how it looks like indoors taken by phone.. turns more brownish color so that's why I can't give 10/10.  However I'm so impressed how it blends to my eye color and looks natural :)

Enlargement 10/10: Dia is 16.2mm so it's pretty huge. It makes my eyes big and roundish like doll's eyes. Love it! It was easy to put on your eyes even it's pretty big!

Comfort 15!!/10: I can't even describe how comfortable these are. My eyes are moist all the time, no dryness or irritation. Now the spring has started and my eyes feels so dry all the time that I haven't used circle lenses because they cause irritation but I could use these for about six hours! 
And this picture is taken by phone indoors so you see how the color turns out brown. However I like the dolly look ^_^


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