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I'm sharing you this mascara which is sponsored by cosmetic-love.com. Currently this products is out of stock and no wonder since I like it a lot! For me finding the great mascara is important since everyone are looking your eyes while talking and so on. I also want my naturally long lashes to stood out!

This Face It Collagen Volume Mascara is 19.45$ which is a common price for mascaras. It has a little curvy and soft brush so it gives nice volume for yous lashes. This mascara is available with curvy but also spiral kind of brush :) both gives a different result but I personally prefer curvy one since it curves your lashes and gives volume and length.

I don't know what happened to the quality of photos after I uploaded them here ugh. However... as you can see on before and after picture it gives lots of length and does not leave ugly lumps. You don't have to use it much either. 
The texture is a bit sticky so if you start to press your lashes they will stick a bit together but it's easy to fox with lash brush. Also one negative thing is that the lashes straights quickly during day :( so you have to curl them before putting mascara (I haven't curl my lashes on pictures)

+ affordable
+ volume
+ length
+ little goes far
+ available on two different brushes
+ easy to wash off

- curves does not stay
- lashes might stick together

Overall I like it a lot and it goes to my TOP 5 mascara list. I would definetely purchase this again since it does not smudge even it's not waterproof :) Great for summer heat!


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