[Review] Daiso makeup corrector - 2$ savior!


Soon I will be able to blog like before :) but today I wanted to show you this low budget makeup corrector.. just two dollars from eBay and Amazon and it's instant help! This is Daiso makeup corrector and it helps you to fix your makeup instantly.. you need only cotton stick and this one.

When I try to wipe extra eyeliner or lipstick of with a bit wet cotton stick it only smudge it and then you have to switch to dry one. Well it won't take much time and effort but I still prefer this stick now haha~ it does not smudge your makeup when you want to get it off. I really need this because I do catwing-liner + get mascara to my eyelids.

It works like lip balm and lipstick.. you just roll the other end to get more of it so it's long lasting! So it does not smell like anything, not sticky or anything. It's almost like a lip balm texture and you just simply wipe over the area you want to fix and then wipe again with cotton stick and it's gone! Here you see the example after first wipe. There is eyeliner and lipstick..


+ just 2$!!
+ long lasting
+ instant help
+ not sticky
+ not coloring
+ no smell
+ small to carry with




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