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I apologize my blog's layout a bit since I'm currently coding a new one but at the same time I'm doing a portfolio website so I'm a bit busy hahah~

However I'm offering now really affordable graphic design services for all who are interested :) I will be opening an Etsy store where you will find more.
I'm offering you these kind of designs: banners (header + ad ones) , icons, business cards, flyers, posters etc. Soon I will be offering blog layout designs too after I have practice a bit more ^_^ But if you have any need just kindly contact: and we can discuss about pricing (I will be doing these between $0.50-10 anyway).

I will be doing these for businesses but also individuals ^_^ make your blog stood out! Tell me what you need, how you want it to be and I will do it for you in no time!


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  1. Hello~ Mother's Day is come closer, maybe you interested in joining this giveaway. Thank you so much and have a nice day ^^


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