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This kit is from my memebox global 7th. edition and I decided to show it for you quickly :) This is available to purchase for instance from and it's 25$ which is pretty good price for this set when we talk about its quality. The package is hard and reminds me from old-school pencil cases hahaha~ or those what we used at art class and it includes wood pencils. Well this has pretty much the same idea.

So what it contains..

- 3 color eye designer pencils (gold, purple, gray)
- Eyeline designer pencil which has little sparkle
- lip/cheek designer pencil (color coral)
- Nail stickers (6 strips x 2ea/ nail file)

I like these all but maybe less the gray and purple colors. Also the colors of pencils appears well but it's not long lasting. However the eyeliner is really pretty since it's easy to apply.. it's like a gel liner. It also has a little sparkles so it's great for party look ;)
Lip pencil is so pretty coral color and I use it when I add lipstick. But do you see the nail stickers??? So sparkly and cute! I have to wait that my nails will grow more hahah~

As you can see the colors appears well but still they are not long lasting. Gray, gold and purple will smudge and vanish easily but the lip pencil and eyeliner stays well. Lip pencil works for cheeks too since it blends nicely! Who would thought that haha~ Overall this designer kit is cute and great way to create party- or everyday look. Also easy to carry with :)!


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