Last day as a dance coach!


Sorry about not blogging for a while. I have been soooooo busy!! But today's post is a lifestyle post. I have been teaching dancing gymnastic for 3-4 years (not sure hahaha) and I'm pretty sure that this was the last day today since my finals starts next year and I want to study hard to those.

Hardest thing as a dance coach is to plan a choreography (for me) because it's easy to imagine all the thing in your mind but when you start to practice, you see that it does not go like you thought it would. My group is 10-12 yo. girls and I've had this same group for this whole time. Next year I should start to teach elder group and give up with this one T^T I don't want to and I won't..

Today my group was performing and here is some pictures about those ^_^ I apologize the low quality of photos but it was hard to change lighting etc. with my crappy camera when the stage was full of smoke and different lights ugh...

I'm a proud coach and this was adorable to see! ''Jenny is the best''


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