[Review] Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar + 50% off sale


Today's review is about this Tony Moly Bunny Gloss Bar which is available in 6 different colors in honestskin.com. The price of this product is only 5$ so it's really affordable. I think this package is soooo cute that it would be a great reason to purchase it haha~

It seems that blogger is still having problem with color white and pictures looks darker than they really is. Well let's go with these pictures. My Gloss Bar is Juicy Peach and it smells like it too!

So these are actually not lipstick or lip gloss, texture is something between those. 

It does not have a strong pigment but it leaves glossy look which I think makes lips look more hoe to say ''fuller'' hahah~ What I liked about this was that it smells great so I keep smelling my lips and look like an idiot at the same time ^^'' but it leaves moist and soft lips which I think is great! I think the texture is really creamy and the color is not so kick-ass bright that it does not (especially this color) look so natural on your lips since it does not blend smoothly. Also depends how soft your lips are of course but mine are so small and thin >___<''


+ great smell
+ cute packaging
+ soft and moist lips
+ many different shades
+ affordable
+ pretty gloss


- no bright color
- does not blend evenly
- too creamy

Shipping from HS takes only couple weeks for me and I just love their online store since it has so much to offer and they always have a lot of offers (discounts, events) going on. RIGHT NOW they have Etude House brand week event going on where all the Etude House products are 50% off!!!!!!! This is from 14 April - April 20 so hurry up! ^_^

And here is something for you ^_^ 5% off discount code!


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