[Review] Tony Moly- Nutra Energy Mask Sheet


Here is my first mask sheet review. Got this from honestskin.com and I was excited to try this out. I haven't made mask sheet reviews before because I haven't found any ''great'' one yet. I wanted to share this for you :) right now I didn't find it from HS so it's probably sold out or not available anymore in their store. This package contains argan oil which helps to achieve soft skin.

 Just quickly sharing this for you. Ugh why I look so pale in this pic, I'm sure sun was hiding haha~ but anyway package includes one mask sheet (btw. the packaging looks great). Let the mask be for something about 15~20 minutes so it will hydrate your skin and absorbs completely. It has nice cooling and firming effect!
For me the mask sheet fit well as you can see in the picture. I'm just so bad at putting those on first hahah~ it stays well so I could walk around with it and after 20 minutes it was almost absorbed to my skin. If you have really wet skin after you remove the sheet, wait for a while and tap your face. Then remove the extra oil with cotton pad.


+ affordable
+ cooling
+ great absorb
+ fits well
+ packaging
+ moisturize
+ great smell


- just one sheet (too lazy to order many of those)


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