[Review] Laneige Pore Minimizing Pack


Finally I have time to blog again phew. I'm starting to become little stressed about school since the last period starts and I have to do a portfolio. It's been a long time since I have done any websites.
But okay today I'm going to share you this Laneige Pore Minimizing Pack which is 23$ from honestskin.com.

I've never had problems with pores on my face but I'm still using this product since it did help even to my tiny tiny pores on my face so now I feel like it looks more fresh and clean!
Add size of a nickle (did I spell it right?) and cover your whole face or just the most difficult areas. Leave it for 3-5min. till it's dry and wash off. Usually just 1-2 times a week is enough but if you have a lot of problems with pores then use it more often. I have been using this for a month now and I'm REALLY happy with the results :) my skin has never been this great.

As you can see in this pic, no big pores ^_^ this is my current skin condition! First when I was using this product it felt like it burns my skin since it's so sensitive and I got some redness from it. However in two weeks it got used to it and calmed down and the results were great!


+ long lasting
+ easy to wash off
+ quick help 
+ pretty affordable
+ easy to apply


- burning feeling for sensitive skin
- smells bad

btw. what do you think about my new layout? :)


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