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These beautiful jewels are kindly sponsored by jeweshop.com and they are having a sale on their shop +++ free shipping ^_^! Are you looking for a high quality jewels (elegant, classy, luxury, stylish, simple) with pretty affordable price? For example gold and silver rings for yourself or engagement rings (I found my dream ring hahah), bracelets, necklaces - lover's and friendship, earrings for everyday look or to fancy party there is so many options that you must go to check their page :)
I've only had one not-cheap-jewelry which my bf gave to me on first anniversary (you see in pictures that I wear it 24/7). But sometimes I feel like I need a pretty and simple necklace for some events where I'm using an evening dress. I don't own rings either that would not leave blue color to my finger after a day or which does not get rusty sooner or later.

This is one of the prettiest ring that I have saw. I've always liked princess things haha~ So this is Ring Noble Crown Crystal Diamond Silver White Gold Plated Women and the price of this is 41$ but right now it's on sale 28.70$ only!! If you want an inside graving it will cost only 6$ more. This is 13mm high totally and the ring itself is 1.5mm thick. It's available from 49mm to 60mm :)

This necklace is Noble Necklace Heart Pendant Crystal Diamond Silver Platinum Plated Women and the price is 53$ but now on sale only 37.10$! The heart is 18K platinum plated, 2.8cm high and 2cm wide. You may choose the length of chain from 41cm or 46cm :) I think this is really casual and pretty!


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