[Review] 3 Concept Eyes Shimmer Stick - Peach


Today's review is about 3 Concept Eyes Shimmer Stick color Peach from honestskin.com ^_^ It gives pretty glow shimmery look for your face and costs 16.43$. Available on colors pink and peach. I haven't tried concept eyes products before but now when I scrolled through their collection and tried this one I want to purchase and try more of their products. What kind of experiences so you have and what their product you recommend?

I want shimmery looking face so I was excited to try this out! Unfortunately this is not ideal for dry skin grrr. I apply this to my cheeks and nose and it would be good to add to forehead but I have a flat bang so it no one sees haha~ Make sure you have scrub dead skin off your face before using this product because it really makes your face look dry then.

However I love this product since it makes my skin glow in pictures. I published a picture in Instagram where my face is almost covered with this and powder on top of it. And I do not use filter on this pic :) so yes this is really effective product and it lasts long since the stick is long. It's like a lipstick haha~

+ shimmery look
+ affordable compared to its quality
+ available in two colors
+ works top and under powder

- not ideal for dry skin
- does not stay long


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