-50% off sale haul H&M


In my hometown there is a small h&m store but still it's my favorite. Yesterday they had -50% off sale about ALL their products in there! I was shocked and the reason for sale was that the clothes smells like smoke because in parking place there was a fire. However I didn't smell any smoke hahaha~

It was like a war there! So much people at one tiny shop (especially today). I were there yesterday and I thought there was lots of people but today.... there was three lines and I was standing there 15 minutes. I crabbed black shorts and went couple minutes later to check other color options and all shorts were gone already O_O I wanted to cry on that point when I found really really pretty pink skirt but it was two size too large.. and it was only one left. This is what I hate about sale - there is never clothes for my size! I was looking for bikinis and those were like 2-7€ and grrr.. only A and B cups left >:( so are we ''bigger'' girls faster or is there less sizes for us???

There was so much jewels and pretty cosmetics etc. but I ran out of moneyyyy! However I finally got new shirts since the spring has started I can't wear sweaters anymore. But I'm happy about my haul. I found nice underwears (almost all pink hahahah whoops) and shirts and the sale is 5 days still so maybe I will get some more stuff from there later!

Dress: 7€
Sport tights: 10€
Chiffon blouses: 7€ & 10€
Beige blouse: 4.50€
White blouse: 4.50€
Lace top: 3€
Shorts: 5€
Bikinis total: 9€
Nail polish: 1€
Lipstick: 1.50€
Total: 53.5€ not bad when I look what I got :)!


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