Samsung galaxy S2+ flip wallet case [eBay]


I usually order a lot of small things from eBay just because the products in there are cheap. But you always have to be careful when you order there because some items might not look like in the picture, quality sucks, wrong color or size or the products are fake. However the quality and the price might surprise sometimes like this time when I ordered a flip case for my phone.

This case was only 7$ and took a WEEK to arrive. Usually I have to wait a month at least haha~ But I had one colored flip case earlier and I decided not to buy another one because if it's one colored, it get dirty soon so that's why I searched some vintage kind of case and this popped up. There was London and New York case and I preferred this one most. It's hard leather which covers your phone really well but also feels nice and stays on your hand (phone is too big to my pocket).

But how handy is this one.. it's also a wallet. I can carry my credit card, plus cards and of course subway coupon haha with me everywhere because I'm always carrying phone with me. Like I'm sitting on high school's cafeteria and my bag is on classroom.. I want a cup of coffee and tadah I have money on my phone case ^_^ only minus thing is that I buy more now haha~

It's also easy to watch latest youtube videos when lessons. I'm not encouraging you to not listen in lessons haha but this is what I might do sometimes. [NOTE. Did you know that Bubz is pregnant awwww!!! Baby Bubz or Tim Junior!!!]


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