[Review] Skinfood- Rose Shake Point Make-up Remover 160ml.


Hmm... blogger seems to make my pictures more darker than those are when I'm editing :c But okay today I'm going to share you product which is sponsored by cosmetic-love.com. I think that their shipping is super fast like under two weeks!? or I'm just used to wait products from eBay for a month hahah~
Anyhow I love the smell of roses and that's why I picked this product. Well okay not only because of smell but I really wanted to give a shot for Korean make-up remover but also the bottle was adorable. Skinfood- Rose Shake Point Make-up Remover's price is 16.95$ about 160ml. bottle which I think is hmm... still affordable but we still are talking about make-up remover which ends soon because we use it everyday.

When you shake it it starts bubbling a bit ^_^ after shaking apply it to cotton pad and start to remove your make-up around eyes and lips and voila! I like a lot that it's not sticky or oily etc. but it smells soooooo good and leaves moist skin!

I applied just few drops of it to cotton pad and it removed make-up after 3-5 swipes. It's not so good at removing mascara from lashes (also depends about mascara type, smudge, waterproof or normal..). However not so many make-up removers success on that with just few swipes. Extract was like milk!


+ pretty bottle
+ rose smell
+ kinda affordable
+ leaves soft skin
+ absorbs quickly
+ works great


- not good for removing mascara from lashes


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