[Review] Innisfree olive real cleansing tissue + video


I have been looking for great cleansing tissues for a long time and finally honestskin.com sent me exactly those kind of tissues what my make up needs! I had to make a review about this since I was surprised about how it worked. All previous tissues has dried quickly or I have had to use many of those at one time but with this one you can remove your whole makeup with JUST ONE tissue! [I have video proof about this too bwahhah]

So this product is on sale -30% (like other products too on their website!) so the price now is only 3.36$!!! Currently it's sold out but lets hope that there's coming more soon. So it's really affordable even with its original price 4.76$. You'll get your's from >>this link<<.

As you can see it does magic. I don't unfortunately have video material about how it removes mascara (non-waterproof) but it does it easily too :) the fragrance of tissue is like olive so it smells good and not strong. I think it's good for all skin typed and really sensitive for your skin!


+ affordable
+ works immediately
+ one tissue is enough
+ fragrance
+ good for all skin types
+ sensitive


- really oily :(

But here's also a video about how it works. Hope you enjoy and start following my youtube channel since I start to make tutorials, vlogs and reviews in there ^_^ youtube.com/yejennyblog



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