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Today's review is sponsored by lovely honestskin.com and remember that their -30% off sale is still going on BUT don't wait too long since it ends 31st. this month!
This product is one of BB creams and I must say this is in my top 3 atm. Good Afternoon Peach Greentea BB Cream is only 5.13$ right now!!!!! It's ridiculous low price compared to its quality.. normal price is 7.33$ which is still affordable. I have spent over 15$ to bad BB creams so this was wonderful surprise ^_^

As a graphic designer I like a lot to pay attention to packaging which I think is in this case really sweet. (btw. I will be making changes to my blog's layout soon). Tube is pretty small but it's okay because little goes far in this case.

The color of this BB cream is not too pale even for me and I love it so much. It gives nice little dewy and shiny finish.. really natural look! I usually like to add some powder top of it just to make foundation last longer but this stays long time. Maybe not ideal for dry skin since it may show cracks on your face easily. This BB cream is not so liquid but still blends well. I use only one layer of it and sometimes finish with powder. If it's too pale for someone I recommend you to add a little darker foundation/day cream on it to fit your skin tone :)


+ little goes far
+ blends well
+ really affordable!!
+ not too pale/grayish/yellowish
+ covers well
+ long lasting
+ SPF 20 PA+
+ sweet package
+ natural finish


- not ideal for dry skin

HURRY UP AND GET IT ^_^ (i know i will be purchasing couple of these right now)


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