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I'm usually using just one jewel which is the necklace that my boyfriend gave me years ago. It's the only necklace that I'm using 24/7 and you may see it in my pictures. However bornprettystore.com kindly sponsored me this necklace + bracelet. They fit with so many clothes that I could use it all the time! It makes even normal white t-shirt look good hahah~ big necklaces has become really famous and I don't even wonder why.
These golden jewels costs only 4$ (necklace+bracelet) and you can order yours from this link.

It looks so much prettier in real life than pictures and the quality of it surprised me since the price is so low. BPS has free shipping and super duper cheap cosmetics, accessories, nail art products and the list goes on and on! It has become my favorite shop atm. but there is only one thing that give minus points from me.. shipping takes a long time. When I purchased couple cosmetics it took a month to arrive and almost two months from these jewels to arrive. However there has been some problems with post currently so I can also blame it.

 I'm going to review some of their products later again but go to check their store, you will get hooked on it ;) if you use coupon code: JennyT10 you'll get -10% off your purchase! How cool is that since their prices are already so low ^_^ have a great weekend folks.


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